Advokatfirmaet Bruland is a small dynamic law firm located in Oslo, Norway.
We handle transactions and litigation work for individuals and small and middle size businesses in Norway. We provide help with contract negotiation and drafting as well as mediation.
Our main practice areas are:
-Labour law-Real estate-Business-Family law-Personal injury/social security
We wish to ensure that you are pleased with our working relationship.
We will:
• vigorously represent your best interests at all times.
• communicate our fee arrangements with you early in our relationship.
• listen, and take the time to understand your needs and expectations.
• be problem solvers, not problem makers.
• return your telephone calls promptly.
• keep you informed on the progress of our work for you.
For further information
Please contact
Advokat Thorleif G. Bruland
(Ph) 0047 22701002